the best

relationships built on mutual trust
Sloan & Associates seeks long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and benefit. Today's marketplace calls for strategic alliances between suppliers and customers. Our mission is to eliminate poor communication and adversarial mindsets that waste time and drive up search costs.

finding the bestIt's our belief that our mission is the same as yours -- finding the best individual for you and doing it in a professional and expeditious manner. To accomplish this goal, we present to you only those candidates who are qualified and interested, within your salary guidelines.

We offer our clients two methods of search. All search assignments include negotiation support, comprehensive reference checking and Sloan & Associates' candidate replacement assurance.

Retained Search
The standard method used for conducting recruitment of senior management or for confidential replacement situations. These searches range from senior management at Fortune 100 companies to key positions in small and medium-sized companies and food broker firms. Our president, Mike Sloan, personally conducts retained national searches. Additional features of the retained search include the following:

  • A candidate comparison matrix based on extensive background investigation.
  • An Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) profile of the top three candidates.

Exclusive Contingency Search
This is the preferred method of conducting contingency recruitment. By having a 60-day exclusive, we are able to give the search priority status and conduct it in a wholly comprehensive and timely manner. In addition, the client receives a fee reduction under this agreement. The elimination of the confusion created by the use of multiple recruiters translates into a mutual benefit for our clients and ourselves. Freedom from the competitive rush provides the time necessary to methodically screen the entire candidate pool, objectively rank the individuals and present only the best candidates. Features of the exclusive contingency search are as follows:

Written references, including quantitative score and narrative commentary, on the final candidate.

  • Written references, including quantitative score and narrative commentary, on the final candidate.
  • An OPQ profile of the final candidate.

Exclusive Interviews
At the request of our clients, we can also conduct face-to-face candidate interviews. This service is standard in retained search and is available for exclusive contingency searches. The charge for this service is limited to pre-approved T&E expenses.