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testing, assessment, qualifications research
The Client Services Group provides clients with professional consulting and informational support in areas which are an integral part of the human resource function. These areas include industry studies, job profiling, individual assessment, qualifications research and employment law support.

testing, assessment, qualifications researchWe routinely conduct industry surveys for our clients based on the information incorporated into our proprietary database. Using this resource, augmented by our industry knowledge (excluding client data, which is privileged), we are able to provide timely and cost-effective studies on compensation, organizational structure and job specifications. Our studies can provide you the facts you need to make critical decisions.

Testing and Assessment
Our firm works with clients to maximize individual performance through a cost-effective process of integrating job profiling with employee testing and assessment. This service is managed by a nationally recognized assessment psychologist using technology from Saville & Holdsworth, Ltd., the international leader in human resource assessment materials.

The Work Profiling System and Personality Questionnaire are particularly popular with our clients. The Work Profiling System is a powerful tool for job analysis and evaluation. This product provides the data necessary to establish relevant candidate/job matching. The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) is a comprehensive, user-friendly personality profile. These products used together provide a low-cost, legally validated tool for employee selection and assessment.

Qualifications Research
Besides our standard comprehensive reference checking and employment verification, we can provide our clients with additional background on candidates, including confirmation of education, motor vehicle report, and credit and criminal history.

Employment law
Michael Sloan, J.D., has specialized in Employment Law since 1980. He serves as in-house counsel to the firm and regularly consults with the firm's clientele on federally mandated legal employment issues and can refer local counsel on specific state-related issues.

He has extensive employment law counseling experience on behalf of a large and diverse group of clients. Emphasis is placed on preventive measures in order to minimize potential client liability exposure. He has served as an expert witness on numerous federal court cases. Areas of expertise include contract negotiation, EEOC, sexual harassment, age discrimination, wrongful discharge and the more recent Americans With Disabilities Act.